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9 minutes ago

Got a call from them I did not pick up

13 minutes ago

Got the same call as many of you did twice or 3 times now, a man with a foreign accent ,sounds like some kind of Arabic or India accent saying something about my HP updates & something wrong with my computer .After reading these comments & experience's from all you all from goggle and from this...

14 minutes ago

they never stop calling, always with a different number, please help....

14 minutes ago

Has the stench of a slimy telemarketer. Don't know anyone there, no message left. Ignored the call and now it's permanently blocked.

33 minutes ago

Block this phone number please thank you

36 minutes ago

this number is on my blacklist and its continuing to text my phone!

44 minutes ago

Victor called me five times today. I returned the call to Victor and he said he was located in Florida and was Medical Help Company. I told him he was an escapee from Belvue Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Then when Iaughed at him he became angry and wanted to know why I am so funny.

46 minutes ago

Got a text from the listed number regarding a Craigslist add I had posted. They wanted me to give them a bunch of personal info so they could send me a money order. Signed by "Nelson"