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34 minutes ago

Called and asked if I was alright?

37 minutes ago

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57 minutes ago

I finally answered after avoiding this caller many times. The young man on the phone was very unprofessional saying "how you doin'?" like he was trying to pick me up in a bar. He claims he was doing a survey regarding home ownership. I said "no, I'm not interested" then he started yelling at my...

1 hour ago

I keep getting calls from this number and they won't verify who they are unless I give them my address and if they don't get it they hang up and also they called at 830 pm seems wrong

2 hours ago

DId not pick up and called back with a masked number. I got a no longer in service recording, but not the typical one from the phone company, instead a guy saying the no longer in service recording verbatim with a lot of background noise. What a joke. Most likely spam.

3 hours ago

Repeated calls but hangs up when we answer; hangs up before leaving a voice message

3 hours ago

Received a call from this number. I am in NZ. Had I picked up this call, I would have had to pay a charge to my local phone company.

4 hours ago

Keeps calling, this is the 4th time today alone!

4 hours ago

Called the number, it's Sallie Mae. Over 25 calls from them in 4 days. What a bunch of tools. Thankful for Call Control.