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9 minutes ago

Yes and the first thing they asked for was my date of birth. I think this is a scam

9 minutes ago

said he was Ryan Smith from the Treasury Department and there was "legal action" again me

18 minutes ago

yes called and left threatening comments they have my ss# says I took out a loan which I didn't and will have all my info block so I will never be able to do anything

26 minutes ago

This company just called me and the number shows up 024. Scam

28 minutes ago

Called & did not leave VM. I called back & recording stated they were Northern Mediations Group, Investigations Dept for fraudulent checks. First off, I don't use checks for anything so this was suspicious. Secondly, the message gave no other identifying info, employee names, extentions, etc, &...

46 minutes ago

Called and didnot respond when I answered. Calls every few days for past few weeks. Blocked now

49 minutes ago

I keep receiving calls from this number. They call at least 3 times a day and leave a message that I assume is supposed to be intimidating for someone named Lind Luna... They message says to call them back at...but then do not leave a number. When I call the number I received the message from the...

52 minutes ago

Left VM saying it was the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit. Get real ...