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Mar 27, 2015 12:06 PM

Got 4 calls from this number. Never answered n no message. It's now in auto reject!!

Mar 18, 2015 07:33 PM

Called me 9 times in an hour while at work. I answered the last call to be told that I was awarded a 20,000 grant, and that they just needed to get my information and for me to send them a processing fee. As soon as I said "another scam call", the guy (heavy Indian accent) told me that I was a F***ING lying s**t, and that I would be arrested for falsifying federal forms. I hung up. Just tried to call the number back to get an "number has been disconnected" message.

Mar 18, 2015 03:37 PM

Phone rings: Operator (with a funny accent): "May I speak to Francine Haag?" Me: "This is Francine" Operator: "You've been randomly selected by the US Government to receive $7,000.00" Me: "Yeah, right, another scam call". Operator: "How do you know that?" Me: "Easy. Just Google scam calls and it's right there" Operator: "I don't understand. What's Google?" Me: "See? You just confirmed it's a scam. Someone who works for the US Government would know what Google is, for God's sake. Goodbye"