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Jan 8, 2015 03:43 PM

received call from them 1/8/15 claiming they can help me with my timeshare maintenance fees because they found out that my home resort is now renting peoples timeshares for less than what owners are paying so therefore they are making their money and the owner should be paying less or nothing due to this. The gentleman said I needed to speak to Brian regarding this matter at 888-206-3257 at his convenience or a scheduled time. Told the kid on the phone that nothing he said made sense and that if my home resort was doing that why is it that he knew yet I didn't being the actual owner. He HUNG UP on me!!! It's a scam so BEWARE!! The gentleman on the phone had all of my information regarding my timeshare, location, payments, etc. Just have to say that I am glad I don't trust anyone!!!