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Jan 27, 2015 10:27 AM

Want to get the prique back, here's his number. (321) 242-1058

Jan 27, 2015 10:16 AM

Just another of the myriad scam callers. You do know that these criminals ( and anyone) can spoof or fake their caller ID seen by the call recipient. Hahaha... it's legal and there are a number of programs and services. So when we try to trace them we are led down a dead-end. Our government could investigate but it really seems they don't care. This has to be the case also... If they weren't finding naive, dupes to fleece they would turn to other scams for their ill-gotten gains. It has got to be profitable for them... sadly, P.T. Barnum was correct.

Jan 27, 2015 09:44 AM

They hung up before I answered. Reported to Do Not Call registry

Jan 26, 2015 12:08 PM

Caller immediately hung up on the answering machine. I believe the reports that it's a scam call.

Jan 26, 2015 09:26 AM

I thought I was crazy; my thoughts exactly. I was scammed years ago from someone out of Fl. And I hear other people being scammed out of that state more so then any other.

Jan 22, 2015 09:07 AM

some say it's for promotional Disney Land tickets.

Jan 21, 2015 12:12 PM

Scam telemarketing call regarding Disney World. Return call results in "number not in service" message.

Jan 16, 2015 01:00 PM

Eugene keeps calling me all the time. He is sick beyond sick and obsessed.

Jan 16, 2015 09:05 AM

Just received this Disney scam call. Seriously, has there ever been one good thing to come out of Florida? That whole state is (as Jon Stewart so aptly put it) "a 24-hour mugshot factory."

Jan 15, 2015 09:15 AM

Seems Mr Tatro is still active as I received a call from this number today (1/15/15)

Jan 14, 2015 12:58 PM

Scam call!

Jan 14, 2015 12:48 PM

stop calling, I don't want any thing you are selling or giving away!

Jan 12, 2015 09:12 AM

Got a call recently from this one. Did a little digging and found his alias name to be Stephen Tatro . Had a friend of mine visit him and he admitted to dialing random crank calls for about a year now. My friend took care of it... :)

Jan 9, 2015 09:54 AM

I have no idea what this phone number is. I'll take the word of others who've made comments on this site regarding this phone number. I Didn't pick up as area code was unfamiliar. I never pick up if I don't know a number. They can leave a message if important! I did however check the area code (FL) out of curiosity as was unfamiliar. Then I found this site when entering the entire number, which explained who the number belongs to. I don't have option to 'block' land-line calls on my cell phone. Wonder why not.

Jan 6, 2015 10:44 AM

fake vacation trip robocall