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Mar 25, 2015 11:36 AM

Here is how to fix the issue I kept getting calls and finally I went to the Kaplan website and called this number. I told them that if I got one more call I would be reporting to the FCC. I was told my number would be taken off the list. Hope this helps Questions, Complaints, Suggestions Feel free to contact us with your questions, complaints, and suggestions. Telephone (Toll Free): 877.836.5813

Mar 17, 2015 12:02 PM

Keep calling me...stop calling

Mar 12, 2015 08:13 AM

this number calls me every day on my cell. has also called my sons cell phone. I have us on the DO NOT CALL LIST but apparently this doesn't work. they don't leave a msg and I block my number and call back to see what it is but its always a busy signal.

Mar 6, 2015 04:52 PM

Robot call won a vacation

Mar 6, 2015 07:46 AM

Reporting to donotcall.gov. Enough complaints and they get fined and shut down.

Mar 5, 2015 02:17 PM

Recording saying I won some vacation. I hung up.

Mar 5, 2015 11:41 AM

Ignored that I am do-not-call listed.

Mar 5, 2015 09:34 AM

Robocall played recording telling me I'd won a Florida vacation. Funny, I don't remember entering any contests! I hung up on it, since it couldn't possibly be legitimate.

Mar 5, 2015 08:28 AM

I didn't answer as I didn't recognize the number, so I figured it was a spam call. They did not leave a message. I figure anyone legit who needed to speak to me would have, although some spammers do leave messages, too. I would just like to point out that being on the Do Not Call list does not provide total immunity from receiving these calls, as so many people seem to think it does. If a company is legit, and ethical, they will respect the list. If they're not, they don't care.

Mar 4, 2015 10:45 AM

Vacation spam

Mar 4, 2015 08:14 AM

Called my cell, did not leave a message. I'm on the "DO NOT CALL" list. Never give my number to any business.

Mar 4, 2015 07:58 AM

Called saying I won something if...

Mar 3, 2015 08:47 AM

non working # on CB