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Apr 5, 2015 12:46 AM

EVERYONE - Purchase a Call Blocker for your own sanity. Lately we have been using the CallBlocker from CPR but there are numerous units available. Finally peace and quiet. They purchase thousands and thousands of numbers through brokers and can make it appear as though they are calling from anywhere. It does not matter who they are because they will NEVER stop calling you. They behave like a sociopath. We could not understand why any person would waste time doing this but to a sociopath this behavior is not weird at all. They want to harass. They have no empathy. They do not care that they are causing you stress. They WANT to CAUSE you STRESS. We turn off the ringer in our bedroom. Luckily - not one junk call has made it past our blocker. We found a way to keep their crazy behavior from interfering with our lives. As soon as we get up - we turn the ringer back on and check the phone to see if anyone important has called. Everyone in the family knows that when the phone rings they look at the number. If you do not recognize it then do not answer it. For years we kept adding numbers to the do not call list but this only works for you if you want to sue them. If you want to go to court then you must first file the numbers with the Do not call list. It will not stop them from calling you but it is your first step if you want to build a case against them. Your only peace can come from purchasing a blocker. We had no idea how bizarre this behavior would become and WHY? Not sure how we got on one of these nasty little weenie sh*t lists - but years ago one of us must have turned down their sells pitch for a product - which of course angered the petty fiend. They started bothering us in 2007. They called for months before we checked a blog and found out they were doing it to others. So many others. Once you get on their list They WILL NEVER go away. We contacted the authorities and made them aware of this problem. We received good advice on how to handle this matter but you have to be willing to go to court. You might want to check in your area. Keep records of dates, times, whom you spoke with, phone numbers and what company they claim to be with. This information is required in order for you to pursue a case. If you are on the Do Not Call List you may have a complaint there as well. The telemarketer is limited to how many times they are allowed to contact. Check with your states Attorney Generals Office of FTC to find out laws for your own state. If they contact you two times in a year after asking to be removed you have a claim for court and can receive $500 up to $1500 for the violation. Problem is most do not speak. You receive no information regarding who they are and why are they calling. This is when you need a call blocker record to prove they have been harassing you. We have kept a logbook (each page starts with a different area code). One page starting with two and so forth. It makes it easier to keep track over the years. Keep a hard copy of the numbers then if you need to re-enter them you do not have to start from scratch. Print out a list of area codes off the computer. The only satisfaction these zealous people get is thinking that they are making your life difficult. Inconveniencing you when you run to answer the phone makes their day. DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE unless you recognize the number. The person harassing you only gets his jollies if you pick up the phone. Don't give him that satisfaction. Don’t beg them to stop, or tell them how horrible they are making your life. THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. That is what makes them KEEP calling you. There is no reward for them if you do not pick up. Make them waste their time not yours.They move on to easier prey. These creepy weak-minded jerks - If you’re not happy with your job SPEND YOUR TIME STUDYING FOR THE CAREER YOU WANT instead of wasting it being a little sh*t. You want to stay a victim your whole life and feel sorry for your terrible life-choices then continue down the path you have chosen but do not think we will concern ourselves with your well-being anymore than what you have afforded us. DON’T SPEND YOUR TIME BEING A PRODUCTIVE PERSON. Hold a grudge against everyone you encounter. That is like the old quote – Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It shows how desperate your life has become on this earth. You think everyone else had a life like a bowl of cherries? GROW UP. LEARN SOME SKILLS. GET OVER IT. We figured out a way around your silly useless little game years ago. Stop being such a feeble-minded creature. Staying unsuccessful keeps you from Moving On. You have shown no remorse or empathy.If you had a profession instead of a job then maybe you could stop being such a sadistic - ruthless little barbarian – go get a life instead of bothering decent people.