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Feb 26, 2015 01:33 PM

Typical card member services scam

Feb 18, 2015 06:06 AM

A woman is calling my company constantly and trying to reach a collegue who doesn't know her etc....she is trying to get person's direct phone number and since it doesn't work she is trying to find person's direct line extension number. When i call back -the phone is not in service.

Feb 3, 2015 02:30 PM

This is most likely US pharmacy. They call on and on looking to sell Viagra. They will not take you off of their list and will hound you endlessly.

Feb 3, 2015 09:16 AM

Person called stating they are account services. He told me they work with Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. He started off asking me if I had a credit card. When I asked the name of the business he was calling from, the name the business uses to file taxes, he just said account services. He continued to ask if I had a card. I advised him that he should know that if he works with those companies. He then proceeded to tell me he thinks I have a card and that I owe more than $4000.00 with at least a 12% interest rate. I then advised him that that was impossible as I own no credit cards and I have no credit card debt, so which card is he talking about. He said he coudln't tell me, but he thinks I have a card. I hung up after telling him I think he is a fraud. I have no credit cards. I have an ongoing credit report with alerts. This is fraudelent. Do not give any information.