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Mar 26, 2015 09:35 AM

I JUST GOT HOME from the hospital YESTERDAY! I'm not even recovered and these leaches call and bug me. I have medicare, Medicaid and Passport Insurance and I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST!

Mar 24, 2015 09:01 AM

Funny how people get so upset over such little things! Life is short "Mr. Pissed Off", try to relax and enjoy the positive things in life! I love how negative people blame everything on Obama. I got my laugh for the day! :)

Mar 18, 2015 07:04 PM

Really tired of this call, thanks Obamacare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2015 02:16 PM

Stop calling! I am not on medicare

Mar 13, 2015 03:59 PM

Did not answer. Never saw this number before.

Mar 12, 2015 06:06 PM

Annoying. Calls three or four times a day. Starts about 7:30 a.m. Last call just now at 9 p.m. ID shows as Star. Several different numbers. I don't answer. Only rings four times.

Mar 12, 2015 02:17 PM

no one there. called twice

Mar 12, 2015 12:22 PM

Unbelievable ... I put myself on their no call, I have gotten no less than 3 and up to 10 calls on any given day for the last two weeks. I have answered and they never say a thing. I have ignored and they keep trying. I block and they keep dialing. WHY! If you aren't going to talk to me, and you aren't going to answer ... STOP CALLING ME IT IS ANNOYING Anyone up for a class action lawsuit?

Mar 11, 2015 05:57 PM

Called me at 1:39 am!

Mar 11, 2015 11:12 AM

Called me 3 times within the past two hours. I am on a no call list. They left no message so they get on my block list.

Mar 10, 2015 04:31 PM

Second call today!

Mar 10, 2015 03:31 PM

Called just now looking for John Smith, I told them he died along with Pocahontas...

Mar 10, 2015 07:01 AM

received at call at 1:18 in the morning!! It rang twice then hung up. called back the number and it was an ad for nomoretaxproblem.com

Mar 9, 2015 08:33 AM

THIS number started calling nonstop after i placed an order thru a company out of Chicago areas called Quality Auto parts. Its obvious they are selling phone numbers. Also both numbers that have been calling me nonstop have the exact same TOWEL HEAD accent

Mar 2, 2015 10:53 AM

I answered, they quickly hung up.