630 Area Code Reports

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Nov 7, 2014 03:09 PM

say they have trying to info me about lower car insurance rates. say they are from autocare

Nov 7, 2014 09:25 AM

foreign accent I do not give them a chance to speak

Nov 5, 2014 04:03 PM

Left a voice mail telling me they were from the IRS and that the IRS was filing lawsuits against me and to call 02864122 for details. The female voice sounded computer sounded generated.

Oct 26, 2014 07:33 PM

called and said they were from micro soft and there is a problem with my windows and they could help me fix it so after several calls i went out and bought myself one of them little air horns thst tou take out on a boat and i bllast that in thrir ear

Oct 25, 2014 10:06 AM

credit card scam

Oct 25, 2014 10:03 AM