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Dec 5, 2014 04:29 AM

Claims to b from windows and they r getting errors to gain access to ur pc and then wants to sell tech support for them to rrmote to ur pc

Nov 18, 2014 02:41 PM

(661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users - who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet. A Skype forum says this number is a generic default number. So, it could be from anyone and different people and "entities," and perhaps from a real friend or family member. It is also found to be a "spoofed" phone number, which means CYBERCRIMINALS "tricked" your caller ID to display the incorrect or default skype phone number with a nefarious purpose. NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS WOULD USE a Skype default # unless they're hiding something. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain. Crooks do this to sell malware, scam you into giving them a remote connection of your computer to fix what is "infected with viruses", impersonate Microsoft, ISP or other company, to extort or commit other crimes. Criminals are noted to use personal information in the phone calls. Anyhow, my call went like this. They insulted me saying that my website is, cough, cough not ranking well on Google. We are an SEO company. Choke. I told him we are ranking well on all our industry keywords. He says "good luck." Yeah, good luck to you, too scammer.