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Apr 19, 2015 09:41 AM

Recovery portfolio has contacted my brother more than once. It is against the law to contact any family member or friend more than once without my consent.

Apr 15, 2015 02:48 PM

Shouldn't be calling our # as w e have know Debts!

Apr 11, 2015 06:27 PM

This a you rape them they scrap them business.

Apr 9, 2015 04:36 PM

These guys (Portfolio Recovery) are genuine bottom feeders of debt collection industry. They buy old statute expired debt and through harassment tactics try to collect 10 to 30 cents on the dollar. Of course the minute anything is collected, the statute date resets to day 1 and their other outfits and ambulance chasers come after you. If you have noticed their letter of settlement is only for the debt with them, not original debtor or the next place they sell it to. The only way to fight these guys is to get with your state authorities. These guys know all the Federal loopholes.

Apr 3, 2015 08:14 AM

These guys are SCUM. They know the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act exists, and when you tell them not to call, they tell YOU you need a written notice to send them. They dance around yes or no answers and nothing is direct.

Mar 26, 2015 07:43 PM

Scam! Debt that has been paid in full and asking me to pay again. Go to hell!

Mar 26, 2015 04:57 PM

yes collection agency looking for previous number owner

Mar 24, 2015 06:54 AM

I do not have any such debt but they keep calling anyway. Not sure if they are a legit company also. Very strange practices.