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Dec 5, 2014 04:41 PM

Clinton they did not know about the Do Not Call list

Nov 23, 2014 07:54 PM

Just curious how they got your personal banking information and withdrew money with out consent or a court order. Usually the only people who can do that is the IRS and they can only freeze your assets until they get that court order. I'd make my bank replace my money or lodge a complaint with your state's department of banking and finance. I would go as far as to threaten suit. I would find out the owners of this company, they have to be incorporated and have a business license. If they are a consumer collection agency they also need to have licensing for that. Licensing information is public information and is to be disclosed upon request. I'd call the state they are located in for the incorporation info all of it, then the county and do the same. I'd send notice to each and every board of director and threaten personal attachment for taking money out of your personal account without prior permission. I would also write a demand letter to my bank and to the bank's main branch and their legal department.