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Apr 14, 2015 03:27 PM

They called, I ignored, they left VM. What was left was an option to block them by pressing "6". I'm not acknowledging I received it. After two weeks ignoring the same number from another prison, they are trying a new number to reach me from.

Apr 14, 2015 12:55 AM

youve never been good at keeping other in the "cell" with you quiet. :)

Apr 13, 2015 05:24 AM

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC called me on 4-9-2015 at 4:22 p.m. phone number they called from shows toll free calle 1-866-428-8102 and they are in Virginia, the woman told me she was from Portfolio Recovery Associates and we have 30 day's from the date she called to respond, These people call several times a day and most of the time I don't answer they have called family members and that is against the law, we are retired & on a very limited income, we are going to dispute the summons because they say the late fees and interest has been removed from balance owed according to the summons, but what it actuals shows is over the credit limit as this is a credit card they bought for pennies on the dollar I told her we have received two summons ( one was left in our door the other came later by mail) & had just spoke to an Attorney about this I didn't tell her anything we spoke about because she hung up on me... To me this is very bad business we cannot come to an agreement when they hang up on you, the only money they can touch is the small pension but beware they can freeze bank accounts and if they do that we as well as anyone reading this would get behind on all of our bill's utilities, mortgage, and many other things we are paying, but we can't make any agreement when the hang up on us.. And I found it interesting when talking to the lawyer that we can record the conversation as long as one party knows about the recording and we are the one party, these companies tell you it may be recorded and we also have the right to record them.. They call a lot and most of the time they say nothing when I answer... I am not in good health and am seeing a Neurosurgeon for my spine next week I do not need this harassment.......

Apr 7, 2015 02:37 PM

Says they are a collection agency wanting me to pay my debt. Keeps calling everyday.