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Mar 24, 2015 09:21 AM

9105026838 Medical alert "Free" medical alert pendant/alert system

Mar 23, 2015 01:28 PM

Lowered credit card interest and attention seniors medical alert are both same scammers. They are spoofing caller ID and routed internationally outside of US jurisdiction so DNC list, and blocking the number will not stop the calls. FCC needs to be made aware every time they call anyone. They do not handle individual cases but will respond to a pattern. You can file a complaint online.

Mar 18, 2015 03:53 AM

We need mandatory jail time for operators of these companies. Obviously fines are a joke. I got 4 unauthorized calls from telemarketers yesterday. Its gotten out of control.

Mar 16, 2015 12:52 PM

Brandy at Credit Card Services, debt consolidation

Mar 6, 2015 06:29 PM

If you get this call regarding "credit card services, report it to the FTC, Attn: Mr Bandy. I almost have this robo call system narowed down and I am working with Mr. Bandy at the FTC to locate and prosecute this robo call system. But you MUST DO YOUR PART AND FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT! It only takes a few minutes! I have been getting robo calls for this for years and filing the formal reports, but as everyone knows, the FTC and "do not call registry" can't get a clue of how to find these robo callers. There are two styles from this system I have identified. The "credit card services" one and as of the last 18+ months one for "medical alert systems". After posting under numerous "spoofed" numbers (these numbers are fake and show up differently under your caller ID as any area code and number throughout the country). Make note of the number and report it and report which of the solicitations the robo call is offering. I have found that the same spoofed number is soliciting these TWO items/services, meaning it is being generated from the SAME SOURCE! This is who we need to take down and prosecute! I engaged the "medical alert system" and used a good credit card. Now I am tracking them. The "contract" was sold to Lifewatch Inc. out of New York. That is how these robo callers are operating and then selling the "contracts" (which are NOT VALID in the first place) to other companies to take over. In this one current case, Likewatch Inc. I cancelled the item/service from my credit card, simply telling my credit card company this was a fraudulent charge stemming from a robo call, which violates federal law. My credit card company immediately removed the charge and made sure the company can not charge anything to my card ever again. I received a bill from Lifewatch Inc and called them. I was transferred to a person named "Doug" who the answering rep stated he was a vice president. However, "Doug" would not even give his last name, even after I explained what was happening. He was very arrogant and rude. If you get a robo call soliciting the "life alert system", you can place the order, get the merchandise and keep it LEGALLY, just state to your credit card company you are holding it as evidence for federal prosecution for violating federal law, which includes robo calling and telephone number spoofing. TAKE THEIR PRODUCT AND MAKE THEM LOSE IT LEGALLY! They are the ones breaking the law, and they will not pursue anything, because it will expose them and their illegal activity. And they lose product! IMPORTANT..do not use or sell the product! This is for legitimate federal evidence to prosecute illegal telephone solicitation. Just set the box in a closet or other safe place to be used as actual evidence. Mae them lose their product, making them lose money while you hold it. I have about 15 systems sitting in my closet now! :-) If you want these robo call plagues to finally go away, we ALL must do our part and your's can be as simple as filing a formal complaint with the FTC, Attn: Mr Bandy. And if you choose, engage the "life alert system" and take their product to hold as evidence. Just use a good credit card company and you will have no problems getting the charge taken off and it will never be rebilled. When you get a bill, tell them they are in violation of federal law and have been reported to the FTC and tell them if they send you anything else, including bills and or marketing material you will sue them for harassment! :-) Let's stop this robo calling plague and prosecute those who are violating federal and state laws!

Mar 6, 2015 03:30 AM

I do not a want this number texting my phone or calling

Mar 2, 2015 11:47 AM

No one on phone. I called back and it said number was disconnected. Scam