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Sep 15, 2014 07:28 AM

can't call back and tell them to stop calling.

Sep 15, 2014 07:21 AM

call from china-pay day lending scam

Sep 15, 2014 07:20 AM

call from china-pay day lending scam

Sep 14, 2014 09:48 PM

Everyday they call - 5 times a day at times. Its an automated machine that comes on the line when you pick up and asks for someone that's not you. I'm getting friggin tired of it. You can't get a live person to tell them to stop calling as it's not you they want. So what is the solution? They don't stop calling. There ought to be a law against this crap. Why isn't the regulatory agency that's supposed to control this @#$% doing anything about it or them- especially after seeing all these complaints against this number?

Sep 14, 2014 08:21 PM

they remind me to repay the loan back, how dumb i am lol, well thanks .william.

Sep 14, 2014 06:21 PM

Trying to get personal information through text messages

Sep 14, 2014 02:29 PM

Called at 4:15pm on a Sunday.

Sep 13, 2014 05:07 PM

stop. calling

Sep 13, 2014 02:43 PM

Unknown caller. We don't need any insurance.

Sep 13, 2014 11:54 AM

pay day lending scam

Sep 13, 2014 11:52 AM

pay day lending scam

Sep 13, 2014 09:35 AM

asking if I was business owner

Sep 13, 2014 08:05 AM

Duchbag sale ahole selling Pearls

Sep 13, 2014 06:40 AM

Has called 4 times since 8 a.m. and 1182 times since July 1. They use 4 different numbers

Sep 13, 2014 02:17 AM

Gay freak keep on calling soliciting things

Sep 12, 2014 06:13 PM

They won't stop calling

Sep 12, 2014 05:13 PM

keeps calling the wrong number , i told them to stop but they still do even after 12am still calls

Sep 12, 2014 04:42 PM

Threatening arrest, lawsuit, trying to scam money out of people. Report this number if you get a call.

Sep 12, 2014 04:21 PM


Sep 12, 2014 04:09 PM

Threatening arrest, filing of lawsuit, and is an invalid number.