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Jan 9, 2015 10:08 AM

I've tried telling these people that unless they tell me what it is they want that I'm not giving them ANY information, I've answered the phone by saying "city morgue, you stab'em we slab'em, and finally I told them that my husband is not my husband, I've never heard of a Scott Rehkop before, that his last name sounds German, and that they should try looking for him in Germany! If this continues, I will start doling out different Police Department non-emergency phone numbers in the states of Kansas and Missouri, along with both states senators, governors, representatives, congressmen, and state attorney generals! I sent this phone number a "Cease and Desist" text, but keep getting hang ups, phone calls, and middle eastern men calling!

Jan 9, 2015 09:27 AM

This is Acurian Health with a survey. They call me 3 times a day! SPAM call!

Jan 9, 2015 09:06 AM

Call CONSTANTLY...all hangups after message is done on our answering machine.

Jan 9, 2015 08:23 AM

why did this get through?

Jan 9, 2015 08:15 AM

They said there was a hit out on me and my family...if i do not give them my social everyone that i love will die !!

Jan 9, 2015 07:48 AM

Called my Cell today. Didn't pick.

Jan 9, 2015 07:42 AM

Received a call this morning "advising" me that I would be served a court order, either at home or my place of employment. Since I am always suspicious of 800 numbers did not pick up. Female voice, no name given. Caller was terrible, you could easily tell she was reading from script, LOL.

Jan 9, 2015 07:32 AM

called 5 times in an hour. Each time we answer they hang up. when I call the number back we just get a voice mail recording

Jan 9, 2015 07:15 AM

Accepted the phone call in regards to compound cream that can be prescribed by my doctor. I asked the telemarketer how she received my information and she said that she cannot divulge that information. I then requested a supervisors name and she stated Audrey (no last names are allowed to be given out), A man who stated his name is Seth picked up the phone and said F*** Y** to me. Seriously this is an insurance scam and needs to be reported. The initial caller said the name of the company is United Health Associates and that they have locations in FL, TX, MA, and NY. They have HIPPA related information that was given to them illegally. Do not give them your insurance information or CC.

Jan 9, 2015 07:11 AM

Pain the butt. Should be closed down

Jan 9, 2015 06:47 AM

FMA Alliance idiots, a debt collector. Calling the wrong number, I've told them repeatedly, and they still call. This time from this NEW #800-292-2941, that I've not seen before, so now I have blocked this one too. Of course I had to play with them first. So, now that is done, back to my nap.

Jan 9, 2015 06:42 AM

so tired of this crap my number is private number and they should not have this

Jan 9, 2015 06:40 AM

Calling to assist in adjusting a medical bill

Jan 9, 2015 06:06 AM

I keep getting a call from 1-855-201-1692. That i owe them money i have never heard of the company. They spoke with the people i work with and told them i owe them money. It is all a scam. I was told to call the phone company to complain on them

Jan 8, 2015 11:52 PM

they called me 4 times today - I too have NOT recently "applied for any loans.

Jan 8, 2015 05:58 PM

keeps calling ,never leave any messages

Jan 8, 2015 04:47 PM

I don't even have a credit card!

Jan 8, 2015 04:18 PM

calls several times everyday please make it disappear

Jan 8, 2015 03:35 PM

I have a new phone number first time I ever had a phone in Canada and they been calling within like three or four days of my new service.

Jan 8, 2015 03:31 PM

Got yet another robo-call from North Star Location Services. My voice mail records the message and transcribes it. I didn't think debt collectors were supposed to leave such detailed messages. "This message is for Ariel Thomas. If you are Harold Thomas please continue to listen to this message otherwise please press delete now. You should not listen to this message so that other people can hear as this message contains personal and private information intended solely for you by listening to this message you acknowledge that you are Harold Thomas. Contact Nicholas Hinman at North Star Location Services toll free at 1-855-211-4682. To discuss an important business matter. This is a communication from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This is not a solicitation. You may also reach us on the web@www.gotoandilast.com when returning our call please use the following reference number 14706041."