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Joe Nov 16, 2012 04:02 PM

The national pandemic of telephone terrorism perpetrated by desperate criminal collection agencies and scam artists of every despicable sort is because they are trying to terrorize people who are naive enough to answer and submit to unsolicited telephone calls or written "collection" letters that have no legitimate legal debt associated with them or any of the companies, universities, or whomever else they claim to represent. Because most "little guys" were bankrupted by the criminal Wall St / Congress / Big Oil / Big Bankers / Big Business / Military / Robber Barons, so the desperate collection agencies are attempting to collect unpaid debts from innocent people by terrorizing them into submission. News reports claim that some of these nefarious rogue calls are originating from overseas, where the caller claims to be a relative down on his or her luck who needs hundreds or thousands of dollars to get out of trouble, a policeman or government agent threatening their unwitting victims with lawsuits, fines, garnishments, seizures of property and imprisonment, and any other unconscionable tactic they can use to terrify and swindle the unwary out of their life savings. Word of advice. NEVER answer any calls you don't recognize or are not expecting. Use selective call rejection service if available, or switch to an Internet-based telephone service which provides comprehensive call rejection options. If rogue calls become chronic, turn off all the ringers on all of your phones except one, and set its volume to the minimum setting. Digital hardware call blockers, the popular "DIGITONE Call Blocker 10" for example, could help or do harm depending on how high-tech and aggressive the rogue callers are against your phone number. The more technology you use against them, the more likely they will use technology more aggressively against you to the point where your phone could ring more frequently from rogue calls and in middle of the night hours. So staying lower-tech could actually help to keep your phone a bit more under their unrelenting predatory radar. If you don't answer the call and the caller is legitimate, they will usually leave a voicemail after the first or second try. Rogue callers almost never leave voicemail messages because that could be used as evidence against them if it came to a lawsuit, albeit spoofed calls are backed by governments and corporations, so there is nothing the little guy can do against such illegitimate activities but to block and ignore them. If you receive a rogue letter in the mail warning you of some "collection" action against you, if you don't actually owe it, reply with a short letter stating that you don't owe it. Or if you do owe all or part of it, reply with something like "You claim I owe you a debt. Under §809 FDCPA, I request validation of this debt." Only give them your name as THEY have written it to you (e.g. “John Doe” not “Jonathon Q. Doe” or however you normally sign your own name), address, and the account number they report. But if you do not owe the debt (zombie debt, aged debt, mistaken or stolen identity, forgery, etc.) state that you have never done any business with them or with the (alleged) original creditor of any kind and you expect the collection agency to close the matter, stop harassing you and take any bad credit marks they've caused off of your credit rating, and furthermore, that any further contact from them must be in writing on their official business correspondence letterhead. Send your letter to them a.s.a.p., always within thirty days, first class certified mail return receipt requested. If they refuse it and you get the letter back unopened, leave it unopened and save it in your files as evidence against them should they pursue legal action against you. If they did receive it and continue to pursue action against you, let them. The judge will throw it out of court. If the rogue collection agency sells your account to another rogue collection agency just tell them the claim has been proven invalid and offer to send them a copy of your letter to the previous rogue collection agency. Warn all your friends about this rash of desperate collection agency terrorism, and how to combat it. Knowledge is power. The more you learn how to combat rogue collection agencies, back-taxes scammers, phishing scammers, "faith and family" scammers, political action committees and other low-life flimflammers, the more you will learn how easy it is to do. Above all, keep a record of everything, of every rogue call w/ caller ID information displayed including time and date of each call. Maintain a complete file on any snail-mailed intimidation from rogue collection agencies, including copies of all correspondences and postal receipts. Reporting rogue calls on sites like,, is a great idea too, because many people find these sites by googling for the rogue number(s) after receiving calls from them. -- Start Here: (most say the above sample letter is too long and should be much shorter) Credit Report: USPS: Other links: -- Information for filing complaints against rogue telephone calls, telephone harassment, false "bill collector" harassment, etc., in the United States and Canada (pursue legal action only as a last resort): UNITED STATES US National Do Not Call Registry, file complaint: Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357 File complaint online: that is at Federal Communications Commission Telephone toll free: 1-888-225-5322 File complaint online: FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form: email: Better Business Bureau, Check out a Business, find owner, contact info; file a Complaint: INTERNET CRIME: File report for Internet Crime at: Internet Crime Complaint Centre CANADA RCMP Phone busters Telephone toll free: 1-888-495-8501 Mon-Fri 8:30-5:20 pm (Eastern Time) E-mail: RCMP Website is at: File complaint online: (Register with a password and then can continually file complaints) Canada National Do Not Call Registry: Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Telephone toll free to File A Complaint: 1-866-580-3625 (to withdraw a complaint is 877-249-2782) CRTC online complaints form: that is at Better Business Bureau, Check out a Business, find owner, contact info; file a Complaint:

Bob Oct 4, 2012 01:42 PM

Called twice in one day and asked for someone that is not me. Both times I told them wrong number and both time they were extremely rude throughout the entire call. They asked for a woman and I am a man, when I told them wrong number they started telling me that I better put the woman they asked for on the phone right away.

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