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Hether Carrick
Hether Carrick Nov 28, 2013 03:21 PM

this guy call all the time telling me he wants to f*** my mother

Caller: mike with adv america usa
ty Oct 2, 2013 09:18 PM

Mike repeatedly called me about a loan I was susposedto be Approved for saying I had to pay my 1st month installment to receive my. I told him I didn't hav no cash and that I'm a single mother of five trying to restorea desent life for my children. He continued to call convincing me into gettin o loan from a friend who would receive a refund after the process of my loan My friend gave me the loan. Then I was told that wen my loan was ready some federal institute had a flg on my name an I needed to pay $165 to have it lifted. I cried an he told me that I couldn't cry because the cslled was being record. I cried even more. The next day I was told not to my worry an not to cry anymore because everything was going to be okay and he was going to help my kids by walkin me thru every step I needed to receive the loan I need and that my kids would Soon b able to smile....... My baby cried all day for a cup of milk

Caller: mike

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