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Oct 29, 2014 04:06 PM

They asked if we wanted them to sell our timeshare. We are on the do not call list and told them to not call us back ever.

Oct 29, 2014 04:04 PM

Harrasing dead silence

Oct 29, 2014 04:03 PM

Same deal. I was called, heard a message, did not comply, and rather hung up. I called back to be met with another robot, with which I also refused to comply. I called back as part of an investigation on my part. I do not recommend you do the same. Usually, if you ignore them, they'll assume your number to be out of service, and cease to call. Note that by ignoring the call, I mean allowing it to ring to the voice mail. Rejecting the call too soon can also indicate to them that your number is valid. As you indubitably know, as you are looking at this web site right now, one may search Google for any harassing phone number, and may often find it on a web site that offers information on the owners for a price. However, seldom will these sites provide any useful information for free – except one bit: the communications carrier. I called that carrier, and was informed that they weren't the proprietors of the phone number. Rather, their infrastructure had been used to route the call, which is normal. As they most often do, that carrier provided me with the actual phone number's carrier, and below is the letter I sent to them... Sending such a letter imploring the aid of the carrier is the only real action one can take, unless one pays a site for the caller's information, and uses such to file a complaint directly against the offender, or to sue them. 'Good day, An automated system, owned by an unknown group, is calling various citizens in both Indiana and Florida, using a phone number provided by your services. This group has been reported to not only harass citizens on their mobiles, but to subsequently continue harassment by citizens' associated land lines as well, often within the hour. This is indicative of a violation of privacy on any reasonable front, and is grounds for suspicion of fraud, which is why I am notifying you. I wish to resolve unto you the power to use this information to protect your company from any repercussions of these individuals' possible malice. I am willing to attest to [carrier's] dissociation with these criminals in a judicial or civil court setting, if need be, should [the carrier] feel the necessity to take action against them, in order to protect your name from tarnish, and the public from harassment. My phone number is highly privatized. Anyone's ability to obtain it for the purposes of fraudulent exploitation is tantamount to a breach of my security, and an investigation on my part is currently under way. I do not take kindly to such intolerant abuse of telecommunications, particularly while I am enjoying my tea. The incident: at 5:58 PM Eastern, 10-29-2014, I received a call from 407-982-3254. I heard an automated message, beginning with "Do not hang up," that continued to inform me that local law enforcement have reported a high frequency of recent break-ins in my neighborhood. Without providing the name of a security company, I was simply asked to press 1 to receive a security system at no cost to me, or 7 to be removed from the 'list.' I did neither, hung up, and attempted to call back, only to be met with another automated message asking me to, "Press any number to be removed from the call list." I did not comply, and hung up. I understand my calling-back validates my number as a potential target, and may garner future calls – I am counting on that. I have reason to believe that this 'offer' is a means to ascertain personal or financial information from unsuspecting citizens, by which this group may commit serious fraudulent activity, or identity-theft. Automated calling 'bots,' the software by which they operate, the means to obtain my phone number and the presence of a high-quality voice-over are all evidence that this group are well-financed, and know what they are doing; thus, I would conjecture that they have proven successful in their exploits in the past, and will relentlessly continue them. I strongly urge your company to respect this matter, and handle it with utmost care, as this cannot be the only phone number this group uses. My suggestion would be to turn any owner information you have associated with this number over to the police, with a submitted complaint in which you are more than welcome to use my language here, or attach my name as a witness to any legal case you wish to open against them. If you do not wish to take legal action against this group, won't you forward their most rudimentary contact information unto me, so that I may file a proper complaint with the authorities, FBI, Better Business Bureau and my lawyers? Thank you, and good luck.

Oct 29, 2014 03:52 PM

Everest University i reported them to do not call. gov

Oct 29, 2014 03:50 PM

calling 8 to 10 times a day

Oct 29, 2014 03:48 PM

There need to stop calling me.

Oct 29, 2014 03:47 PM

claiming to be a goverment grant agency wanting private information to transfer money into your account.