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Apr 25, 2015 07:18 AM

Don't know when called by this number a bunch of no u see in background and people talking. Nothing said to me and caller left message and that was what I heard on message.

Apr 25, 2015 06:50 AM

Irs scam wanting a cell number and my bank account. I 3as to be imprisoned and and all my assets taken. When I told them my cell had been dropped in water they hung up on me. Haha they are idiots

Apr 25, 2015 06:44 AM

Robot caller falsely claiming to be an account service representative.

Apr 25, 2015 06:44 AM

They called my home, when I didn't answer my cellphone started ringing from the same number..I never gave them permission to call my cell phone I asked them to identify themselves. They said that they were client services. I identified myself and my wife's name and phone number. Then I was asked for my address, thats when I put the brakes on. They would not identify the client whom they are collecting for without me coughing up my personal data. I just asked for the clients name nothing more, they refused. I didn't ask for account numbers, phone numbers etc.To many scams out there for me to give up personal data. It was just a voice on the phone to me.

Apr 25, 2015 06:38 AM

The # was calling us at 530AM!!!! By the time we realized the phone was ringing it had woken the kids. My husband picked up and hung up so the phone in the kitchen would stop (only phone with ringer ON). Well they called right again! So I answer and he starts saying something about computer help and I immediatly stop him to point out its 530 am!! Everyone's sleeping!! He then claims they received a call from this # for computer help. I get irate and say no one called you! Everyone is (was) sleeping!!! Don't ever call here again or I'm calling the police (then hung up). Thanks for ruining my day and waking the baby!!!

Apr 25, 2015 06:37 AM
Apr 25, 2015 06:37 AM

I poked a bunch of holes in their dialog to catch their b.s. but they however DO have my bank info I have no clue how they got their hands on it.