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Anonymous Dec 9, 2011 09:31 AM

Been getting threatening voice mails from "Mike Peterson" all week about owing money, arrest, legal action, court, tattling to my employer, etc. Called back today and asked for “Mike” but got to speak with “Ryan Scott” – both men sound the same – heavy, heavy Indian accent, and asked for details, who, what, when, where, etc. and they read me my SSN which bothers me greatly, then proceeded with a long winded legal affidavit that had absolutely no details except the name Cash Partners of America relating to a pay day loan and an outstanding amount of $5484 (which is the same amount in another person’s post) on a bank account I closed 3 years ago. They have my personal email but when I asked them to send me a copy of the affidavit and charges against me they said they would not and I could look to be arrested on Monday. Please, please, please, do not give these people any money. I used to get calls about three years ago from a “Steve Brown”, (also mentioned in another recent post) same MO, and it sounds like the exact same script and heavy accent. I think what it boils down to is someone sold my information from an on-line pay day loan application and this group is preying on people and using fear tactics (words like fraud, thief, jail, judgment, etc.) to frighten them into making payments which amounts to stealing. It is frightening but once you think about what they’ve said, it’s actually funny. Our justice system doesn’t work the way they depict it, most payday loans cannot exceed $500 so how in the world would a $5000+ amount be due, a 1000%+ markup – not possible even if someone levied every possible fine against you. Be careful of these thieves and liars!

Caller: 718-841-6472
Paul Nov 2, 2011 08:22 AM

Unknow Caller ID said to call this number says I owe money and the only thing i can say is wish you good luck as this unfolds.

Caller: Scam Artist

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