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rmamahenn Jan 14, 2014 04:49 AM

I received a call from a female named Kim . SHe said that I owed 860.00 for a check . I explained I did not know the company she was referring to and I have not written checks . SHe claimed I have 2 warrants for my arrest for check fraud , forgery and check deception . I was told that If I didn't hand over the money a sheriff would be here to arrest me or I could pay 1500.00 . I returned the called and was connected to a female named Lacey Coleman , she claimed she could do me a favor and have the the sheriff stopped from coming to my house and to hold on , she came back moments later and said she was with the sheriff and unless I handed over my credit card number , I would be arrested within the day . I gave them a prepaid cc number ,. after I got off the phone with the company and thought about it I called back and requested the paperwork in regards to this account . she refused and said I had my chance to pay the bill and I blew it , she began screaming at me about how lousey of a person I am and I should learn to pay my bill and Ill get nothing from them until the bill is paid . I have destroyed the cc that was given . I will be speaking with our local bbb as well as our detective agency in regards to this call . I was also notified by a relative that she recieved a similar call . I feel this is a scam to frighten people .

Caller: LSU
Anonymous Jan 2, 2014 08:39 PM

Illegal scam

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