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Lauralynn777 Jul 10, 2014 04:53 PM

Got a text stating my interview and job briefing will be conducted via the yahoo messenger and asked if i had a messenger account. Found by reading the several messages above that this was a scam.

Caller: Mike Johnson
Caller ID: 1-970-878-7759
JAM May 8, 2014 12:30 PM

I fill this person is scam artist. I currently am looking for employment on various web sites. This person continue to text me to do a online interview. I read the messages pertaining to this person. Thanks for the heads up. What a waste of my time and energy.

Caller: Dave Edwards with Kindred Healthcare Services
Caller ID:
Lyn K
Lyn K Jun 26, 2014

I don't consider him an artist at all. His/her style is totally unprofessional with very poor grammar. I hope he waited long for me after sending his text/s last night. I got another this morning that simply said, "hello". Haha.

Anonymous Feb 10, 2014 05:54 AM

received text at 330am wanting to do online interview and was I online. I was asleep and replied will get back to him later, he said sorry, it was 8 am where he was.

Caller: hiring manager dave
T Feb 3, 2014 02:40 PM

Sent three test messages in row about an interview and would not give me more information. I will delete this text. Since something good will come out of it.

Caller: David
Caller ID: 970-878-7759
Jan 21, 2014 08:42 PM

Sent three text messages and "interviewed" via yahoo messenger. When I asked for more information on the company "Omga Company" he could not tell me a thing. Said he could not give me the company website until I bought the $950 software. Got my info from

Caller ID: N/A
Crystal Jul 18, 2014

OMG! I knew this was too good to be true. While I was waiting for the "chat Interview" I looked up the company that the text said was looking for employees and it was a legitimate company. Said I was to do a briefing tomorrow morning. What a joke. Now I feel stupid!

Jan 21, 2014 06:23 PM

Sent 3 text messages in a row about interviewing for a job. No idea who this person is AND I'm being charged for each of these text messages.

Caller ID: 970-878-7759

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