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Anonymous Apr 15, 2015 12:48 PM

Harassing phone calls…..

Dexter Apr 2, 2015 02:47 PM

The caller said he is from the Federal Government and said my number was selected from numerous numbers to receive grant from the Government which I don't need to pay. Three options were given for me to receive the grant: 1. Thru the bank 2. Thru debit card or credit card 3. Thru other means like Western Union and the like. I don't know ehere these guys got my informations..

Caller: Did not understand his name
ERC Jan 6, 2015 07:00 AM

Never leaves a message. Think its an autodialer. Collection Agency. Calls several times per day starting about 8:30am

Caller: ???
Phone Number Complaint Reporter
Anonymous Aug 18, 2014 07:02 AM

Called, no answer. Multiple Internet complaints; spoofed autodialer

Caller: ERC
ED Feb 19, 2014 05:29 PM

got a call but hung up dint get a chance to answer, seems like a scam or spam

Caller: no answer
Anita Dec 19, 2013 02:47 PM

This number calls quite often. I don't even get a chance to answer it before they hang up. There is never a message left. If you call the number back the recording says its a non-working number. If that is the case how are they calling me. I wish I could stop them but have no way of doing it.

Ben Dec 10, 2013 06:48 PM

I get calls from this 800 number, an "Unknown" number, and a phone number out of Bloomington, Indiana. The calls started four days ago and this 800 number joined them yesterday night. They take turns calling me and on average I get 10 to 13 calls a day between the three of them. It could be a coincidence, but I think they are related to each other. I got my phone number earlier this year and I would get collection agencies calling all the time for the first few months looking for someone I've never heard of (probably the previous owner of my phone number). Those calls finally stopped and I haven't had any calls like them until now. I'm guessing this is more debt collectors, but I don't know for sure. They never leave a message and the one time I picked up all I heard was hold music.

Caller: Don't know
Heather Nov 20, 2013 06:45 AM

Called but hung up after a few seconds. Did not leave voicemail.

Caller: Unknown
Kim Oct 7, 2013 12:15 PM

Called my cell in 3 seconds and hung up at 8:15 am CA time.

Caller: Toll free
Anonymous Aug 21, 2013 12:42 PM

I had this number called for 3 seconds, and then hanged up. better not doing anything

Aubrey Aug 15, 2013 04:04 PM

This number called me.. I don't even remember contacting them or anything. Then they just hanged up.

Caller: 5d54ng
ERC Aug 6, 2013 12:19 AM

Collection Agency

Caller: 5d54ng

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