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Anonymous Dec 17, 2010 04:47 AM

These people claim to be from Allstate Collections. The thing that got me is that they called and left a message with a lady that lives in my aunt apartment building using my aunts name and her name as well as mine stating that they are trying to get information on me because i am under investigation for check fraud. Now mind you I have not written a check in over a decade and what really got me is that I have never used my aunts information on my checking account. If i was under investigation for check fraud why have my state attorneys office never contacted me or sent anything to my home address. These people are crazy...I've been calling trying to talk with someone and there is no answer I will keep trying and let you all know the outcome.

Caller: Allstate Collections
Anonymous Jul 15, 2010 11:13 AM

States a loan I had taken out in 2008 was not paid and that a summons has been issued for my arrest, but I make payment arrangements, I can cease the summons. I asked for confirmation of the debt and was advised to just fight the case in court because they would not be able to provide me with that documentation. Not being a position to deal with the court costs, I reluctantly made payment arrangements. Since that time I have been trying to reach the original creditor, who conveniently has gone out of business.

Caller: Courtney Miles

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